( My mother as a painting student at the The Chicago Art Institute in the 1940's)​

Artist Statement

I am an artist who is captivated by ideas and materials.  My mother was an oil painter. My first memories are of coming into a room filled with the scents of turpentine and warm oils and seeing my mother mix substances like an alchemist before applying them to a linen canvas. 

The visceral love of materials has always been part of my artistic practice, even while attending art school during an era when “being seduced by materials” was a grave sin.

 The academic emphasis on motive and concept combined with technique and studio work has given me the foundation to develop a mature artistic practice that relates to the concerns and ideas of the times in which I live. I use painting, drawing, printmaking, mosaic, conceptual and social practice to create, explore, connect and communicate.

 I am excited to be working with Vitro Glass, using their manufacturing discard to create mosaics (up to 60”x36” ea) as single mosaics, or modular mosaic panels. Glass is an ancient and beautiful art material. Transforming glass waste into high quality artistic mosaics inspires me to be mindful about our impact on the environment, and to connect with others who share the same concerns.